Thursday, May 3, 2012


I'm sitting here in bed tossing and turning because I'm completely exhausted but can NOT sleep! It is the craziest thing! I noticed an increase in irritability today, but nothing drastic. I am just so tired that I daydream about taking a nap all day long.

I can't even express how thrilled I am that it is Friday tomorrow... Only 8 days of school left before summer officially begins! The school year went fast, but these last several weeks have drug on and on. We don't have any huge plans for the weekend... We are going to plant our garden and watch the Kentucky Derby. It will be the first time in 5 years that we aren't going to have our annual Derby Party... We have a very large group of friends that we have known since high school (most since ekementary school!!) We are at a rough spot with all of our friends. We have 3 friends who are pregnant and due around our previous due date.. Of course they are all PG with their second child. So aside from the PG couples, the rest of them have new babies or toddlers and I just can't handle it. There is one other couple that is TTC and we see each other on a pretty consistent basis. However, I am not in a spot where I can handle listening to all the baby and kid talk. I know I will be the same way whenever we get pregnant, but I just can't even stand the thought of it. I am so incredibly happy for them, but I'm starting to get just a little bit bitter. Not to mention the fact that I am on so many fertility meds and hormones that I'm not having anything to drink and tear up at the sight of a pregnant woman!

I am so excited that tomorrow is Friday, but even more so for my acupuncture appointment tomorrow after school... I am in desperate need for some relaxation. I always sleep so well the couple nights after acupuncture, so hopefully that will counteract these side effects. My housekeeper is coming tomorrow as well... Nothing like some relaxation and a clean house to start a weekend!!

Wonder how the follicles are developing??


  1. Every post I read, I continue to see the similarities in our situations. Our thoughts, struggles, anxieties and feelings seem to mirror almost to a T. I hope you bounce back from your exhaustion and can relax and enjoy the weekend!

  2. Hey Ladies!

    For some reason, I didn't realize that you posted comments!

    Dee... you were close! There were 7, but none big enough! You'll have to leave me your guess for tomorrow...

    Suzanne... I have noticed the same things. Our journeys seem to be spitting images! Hopefully the future holds something amazing for us both!