Saturday, April 21, 2012

5 dpo....

I can test one week from now if I want to... April 30 is the day I'm supposed to call the RE and let them know the results, but the nurse said I could test next weekend!  I promised myself I would wait until April 30, but I think I will secretly test earlier (not sure who I am keeping the secret from!)

My hubby is away hunting turkey this weekend with my dad and his brother so I spent the day shopping and going to dinner and a movie with my mom and mother-in-law.  Over the past couple weeks I have actually bought some clothes for myself...  first time in a year.  When we started trying last year, I put off buying any new clothes because I didn't want to buy them and then get pregnant and outgrow them!  I never anticipated that it would take us this long.  I decided that I'm not waiting any longer and I bought some super cute clothes... It totally helps that I've lost about 10lbs since my oral surgery!!  However, I can't help but stand in the dressing room and look at myself sideways while I stick out my belly and think... wouldn't this look so cute with a pregnant belly!

I stopped taking my OvaCue vaginal readings for the rest of the month.  I found it difficult to time it with the suppositories and I'd insert the suppositories and then realize that I hadn't taken the reading.  Since I'm supplementing with progesterone and I know that ovulation occured, the readings don't give me much additional information at this point.

7 days to go......

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