Friday, April 13, 2012

CD10 ultrasound... Maybe our baby??

I went in for my CD10 ultrasound this afternoon to see if I had any mature follicles and if I was ready to get the HCG trigger shot. The u/s showed that my uterine lining is thickening and I had 2 follicles in my right ovary that were both at 12mm and 1 follicle in my left ovary that was 16mm... The dominant follicle and possibly the first look at what may one day be our baby!!! A follicle is considered mature if it is over 18mm and they grow an average of 1-2mm per we are right on track to ovulate on Sunday! We knew that today might be early, but since I ovulated early last month, they didn't want me to ovulate on my own before I could be monitored and given the HCG shot. My little follicle should be ready for ovulation within the next day or so! They are having me do the trigger shot at home tomorrow?!?!? It is a big needle and I'm a bit worried whether or not my hubby is going to be able to stick me with the large needle... Or if I will be able to let him!! I'm not afraid of needles, but it still makes me nervous. We have instructions to BD tonight (in order to get a fresh batch of swimmers for after the trigger shot), abstain tomorrow and then BD on Sunday and Monday. On Wednesday, I start the progesterone suppositories. I take them twice a day for two weeks or until I get my period. The nurse said that I can take an HPT on the last day of April if I haven't gotten my period. If it is positive (crossing my fingers) then I will continue to take the progesterone suppositories throughout the first trimester... If it is negative then I will stop the suppositories and should get my period. I will have my baseline u/s on CD2/3 of the next cycle and will increase the dose of the Femara in the hopes of getting 2 mature follicles with the next cycle.

Hopefully we get a BFP and don't have to worry about the next cycle!!

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