Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Waiting for Friday!!

This month is weird.... usually we are BDing every other night starting the minute AF packs her bags throughout the entire month.  I'm so used to constantly thinking about whether I'm ovulating and analyzing every twinge, if we are BDing enough and at the right time, so this month I feel like I'm not doing anything... just waiting for the little follicles to mature!  It is weird to think that everything is going to be timed and all of the guesswork will be taken out of if and when I ovulate and if we time it correctly.  It is a very relaxing and stress free month... weird, but nice! 

We started our pre-ovulation BDing tonight... we were instructed to BD tonight (3 days prior to my most fertile time) in order to have a fresh supply of swimmers ready in case my follicles are mature enough on Friday for the HCG trigger shot. 

On another note, I turned in my application to do summer school today.  It is only goes from the end of May through the end of July on T, W, and Th from 8-12. It isn't that bad, and the money will be an added bonus since we've had so many bills over the past year.  I have been putting it off in hopes that I would be able to take the summer off and just be an incubator!!  I'm hoping it is my last year that I will even have the option of doing summer school (since I'm hoping to have a baby by next summer at least!), so I bit the bullet and filled out the app.  I figure that I can always turn it down if I get knocked up this month!  Ahhh... wouldn't that be nice! 

I updated my OvaCue readings...

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