Monday, April 2, 2012

CD20 (8dpo)..... the countdown begins!

My Ovacue vaginal readings increased even more today and I continued to have some light spotting. My husband thinks I'm crazy because I keep jabbing a finger into my boobs to see if they are getting sore... And they are! It is so hard because I start looking for all of these early pregnancy signs, but they are all the same as period symptoms. GRRR.

My hubby goes in for the repeat SA tomorrow... Poor guy! He's been such a sport through this whole thing. I know the results of the last two SAs have been somewhat of a blow to his manhood. I don't think that he ever dreamt that it might be an issue on his part. I'm crossing my fingers that everything is in the normal range this time. I sometimes feel sorry for him because i can't even imagine having to go and do that in a sterile lab... But he quickly loses my sympathy after I think of all the various procedures and poking and prodding and numerous people who have seen me at my most vulnerable over the past year!!! After all that I've had to go through over the past year, he says that repeating the SA is the least he can do. However, I'm kind of wondering of we should wait until the beginning of the next cycle, just in case we were successful this month! Oh well... I'm a little superstitious and afraid that I will jinx it if I put it off for next month... So tomorrow it is!

So here is to a great SA tomorrow... May the little swimmers be plentiful, nicely shaped and fast moving!!

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