Saturday, April 14, 2012

HCG trigger shot was a success!!

Today was the day for my HCG trigger shot... the first injection we had to administer at home!  My hubby watched a video on you tube and then we were ready!  He made a bullseye on my butt cheek and I iced it for about 10 minutes.  He mixed everything like a pro and we bit the bullet... completely PAINLESS!!  He did awesome... I didn't even know he did it!  Afterwards, we both had a moment where we sat and looked at all that we are going through... and he he simply said that he can't believe that we have to do this.  It is the first time that I have ever heard him acknowledge the fact that it isn't fair that we are having so much trouble and that it should just be easier.  I honestly never thought it would reach the point where we were doing injections at home.  It really struck us today that we are officially struggling... ugh.   

Now onto the fun part!  I love the RE's nurse, and the last time I talked with her at the office, she gave me her secret conception serum for my hubby for timed cycles.  For all of you out there, here it is........  The day of the HCG shot, he needs to drink 1-2 beers (you can have a couple as well to ease the stress) and then a Monster Energy drink for the two days following (the two days that we BD after the HCG shot).  She didn't tell me the whole reasoning behind it, but she swears by it!!  So... we went to the store tonight and picked up a 6 pack of beer and 2 Monster Energy drinks... I think we can handle this part!  But how unfair... I get a shot in my butt and he gets some beer and a couple energy drinks!!  HA!! 

It still all feels so weird only BDing on such a short and strict schedule... it is more expensive, but definitely less stressful! 

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