Saturday, April 7, 2012

CD4... day 2 of Femara

So here's the plan for the month...

I had my appointment with the RE on Friday, CD3.  I had a baseline u/s and have 20 follicles in each ovary.  He started me on Femara for 5 days in order to stimulate my ovaries and hopefully give the little swimmer an extra target.  I have an appointment next Friday, CD10, for another u/s to check the size and number of the mature follicles (I'm hoping for 2).  If the follicles are mature enough, they will administer the HCG trigger shot at that appointment.  We have been instructed to BD 2 days before the appointment (to replenish the supply for after the shot) and then the 2 days after the trigger shot.  I can take a pregnancy test 2 weeks after the trigger shot and no sooner...  I've read up on all the side effects of all of these drugs... should be an interesting month.  I was reading them to my hubby and he asked if he could take a sleeping bag over to my parents until I needed him... He is so good at making me laugh through all of this!

All of this is going to fall on a weekend when he was supposed to be hunting with my dad, his brother and a couple other friends.  I told him everything that was happening this month and he was so good about rearranging the trip for the following weekend without me having to ask him to.  He is such a sweetheart and has been so patient with me on this journey.  I love him so much.... aw.

We got his SA results back yesterday at my appointment.  His morphology (sperm shape) is still low, but his count doubled (even though it was normal in the first place - avg is 20 - 115 million).  Last time he had 3% normal sperm out of 44 million and now it is 3% normal sperm out of 82 milllion... So that's a lot more normal sperm this time!  Most DRs still say that 15% morphology is normal, but I've done some research on line and WHO (World Health Organization) states that anything over 3% is considered normal and that they actually don't think morphology plays a huge role in infertility unless it is 0%.  The criteria for "normal" has gotten so strict over the past several years, so more men are having abnormal morphology.  It is the same thing the urologist says... don't worry about the morphology... it is all timing!  It only takes one sperm and 3% of 82 million is still a lot of swimmers!

I'm so excited to use the Ovacue this month along with the meds and the u/s monitoring. I have the chart updated and available on the blog.  Nothing exciting is happening yet, but I'll be interpreting my readings and relating them to my u/s throughout the month.

Oh yeah... remember all of those OPKs I ordered the other day???  My RE asked me not to use them because the fertility meds can give false positives!! HA!  Luckily I have a friend who is also TTC so she is wanting to buy them from me!  I'll still need the HPTs so at least I got something out of the deal!

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