Tuesday, April 17, 2012

And the 2WW begins.....

I woke up yesterday (Monday) morning with what I'm assuming were pretty significant ovulation pains. I have had them before, but nothing as noticeable as yesterday! There should've been some little swimmers there waiting for it! Yesterday was our second day of BDing after the trigger shot, so if the first fleet didn't make it, the relief team was sent in shortly after!! Hopefully one little guy was able to get in and get his job done!

Now onto the next adventure for the month... Progesterone suppositories?! Yuck! They suggest to get up 30 minutes before you need to for the day, insert the suppository and then lay back down to allow it to melt so it will drain out and then you can shower and get ready for the day. I also have to do one in the evening at a time when I will be lounging around. Sounds like fun!! If I get pregnant this month, I will be on an increased dose for the first trimester... Here's to hoping for 12 weeks of suppositories!!

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