Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hmmmm.... Implantation bleeding??

My Ovacue readings have been pretty interesting. I am currently on CD19 and my readings and my BBT have stayed elevated since ovulation was indiated on CD12. I did have a dip in my vaginal reading on CD17 and then it increased over the past couple days. When I took my readings today, I kept getting the over 400 error message, but everything was plugged in correctly and I was doing it the same as always. I took it a 3rd time and got a reading of 331.... I saved that reading and tried it a couple times just to be sure it was accurate and got several similar readings. I was definitely relieved to see higher readings indicating progesterone dominance in my luteal phase. Then... I went to the bathroom and much to my surprise I was spotting.... Could it be implantation bleeding 7dpo??? Of course, I googled it and it seems that it would be perfect timing in my cycle for it to be implantation bleeding. I haven't ever had any mid-cycle bleeding. Everything has seemed to fall into place this month. My chart has been pretty predictable with the dips and rises in both my Ovacue readings and my BBT. This is the first month that I had a clear shift in my BBT and it just happened to coincide perfectly with my Ovacue readings!

I hate to get too excited, but it does help me to stay optimistic as I head into my 1ww. This month seems to have flown by and I only have 8 days before I know whether or not this month was successful. I'm going to stay as stress-free and relaxed as possible for the next week. I only have 3 days of work this week and the students are all doing the state standard assessments, so my week will be filled with lots of time to get caught up. Then, I have 5 days off for Easter break! I have my 2 post ovulation acupuncture appointments this week... One on Wednesday and the other on Friday. I get my sutures out of my mouth on Friday and have a manicure and pedicure with my mom! All of that should keep me busy during my 1ww...

Fingers crossed.....

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